New pin-up art- the Retro Pin-up and the Hollywood Pin-up


It’s been a while…what can I say, life of an artist.

I have been busy and side-tracked, but constantly thinking about my pin-up art.
Even in my busiest moments, the thought of my next project would cheer me up, and I looked forward to the time I would be able to spend mixing my paints and experimenting with new textures, papers and art media.

So, back to present times- I am glad I am finally able to work on my pin-up portfolio, trying to finish those pieces that I have left half-done, and creating new ones. For a perfectionist like myself, the road I have taken has always been a challenge, but life is short, so I have decided to dig in deeper and put my work out there.
I am currently working on new projects and future exhibits, and  I am very excited about it.

Here are some  pin-up art pieces I have created:

The Retro Pin-up Girl

Pastels, watercolors, ink on illustration board

Pin-up art of a retro pin-up girl by Diana Durham

Retro Pin-up Girl Artwork


The Hollywood Pin-up Girl

This pin-up art piece was created with watercolors

Hollywood Pin-up Girl Artwork

Hollywood Pin-up Girl Art

I hope you  enjoy these pieces. You can view the bigger versions on my website:

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