Pin-up art – Sonam phase 2

Despite the busy schedule, I felt that I needed to relax, so I continued the Sonam pin-up artwork  and began the underpainting.
I decided not to use the frisket, so I used tape all around the body. It turned out to be a time-consuming task, so maybe I will do the frisketing next time. 
I used a combination of acrylics and watercolors, sometimes mixed. I am experimenting with different things unti I figure out what I like best.

Here are some of the images for the pin-up of Sonam underpainting.

Pin-up panting - Sonam underpainting

 Another image

Pinup painting- Sonam underpainting

 And another…

Pinup art - Sonam underpainting

Hope you enjoy it…More later…

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